"Intelligent information search, planning service and business intelligence -all with an extremely high level of security"

D4tec offers Cognitive Systems


D4tec is the pioneering and leading expert within intelligence solutions for open sources based on recognized academic research and innovation. We offer cognitive information systems for searching, analysing and monitoring public available information. Our multilingual and semantic cognitive systems are developed to securely and efficiently filter, extract, and utilize information from big unstructured, semi structured, and structured data sets and data streams.

The information extracted will be indexed relative to relevance and can be utilized to discover possible connections between entities, events, or interrelation between groups or persons. Our systems are based on research, top qualified personnel and industrial software system quality assurance through Technology Readiness Level (TRL) assessment/rating.


Generate Time and Cost Savings

Our cognitive systems are time and cost saving as our systems reduce the otherwise long searching and reading time when doing regular web searching. We are aware that every branch will have different needs and purposes and we will continue developing and adapting our systems to satisfy our customer and their needs, e.g., our systems will be adapted to the needs of the police in the fight of detecting organized crime or to organizations sensitive to negative publicity.