D4tec offers Intelligence Systems

D4tec is the leading expert within intelligence solutions for open sources based on recognised academic research and innovation. We offer information systems for searching, analysing and monitoring public available information. Our multilingual and semantic cognitive systems are developed to securely and efficiently filter, extract, and utilise information from big unstructured, semi structured, and structured data sets and data streams.


The information extracted will be indexed relative to relevance and can be utilised to discover possible connections between entities, events, or interrelation between groups or persons. Our systems are based on research, top qualified personnel and industrial software system quality assurance through Technology Readiness Level (TRL) assessment/rating.

Be ahead of changes


D4watch monitors important open source information for you. D4watch will notify about sudden changes before they escalate into big concerns. That way you are at the forefront of changes. .


Discover hidden information


D4search offers deep search in the data. You will gain detailed insight about particular subjects that normally are very hard to find. Make your searc accurate and your results a more reliable source of information.

Manage your cases


D4Case is a management

tool that keeps your confidential files in order. Share, comment or add new cases or files easily.

Assign collegaues different cases and keep them in the loop even if they have been away for some time.



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